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Trendz Bar- Sugar free Dark chocolate bar made with Allulose

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Making a premium chocolate means finding the perfect high quality cocoa beans. Like a fine wine, cocoa beans benefit from their environment and the growing conditions but as much as this is important, the skill of the farmer to ferment and dry the beans is just as critical. 
Perfecting each process prior to moving forward to becoming a premium chocolate bar. The beans are roasted and ground to a smooth chocolate liquor. Each ingredient is chosen with care and purpose like a symphony the flavor notes harmonize together. Then a Trendz bar is born.
Enjoy our new allulose chocolate bar. FDA ruling now says that while allulose is a sugar it does not have to be counted on the added sugar on nutritional panels. since the body does not absorb carbs you can remove the amount of allulose from the carb count. 
Each bar is 2 oz, enjoying half the bar 1oz is a single serving. 14g of carbs minus the 10g of allulose leaves 4 grams. with 2 grams of fiber you are left with a net 2g of carbs per serving.
Allulose does not effect blood sugar levels
This Trendz bar is gluten free and dairy free.

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  1. Best tasting sugarless dark chocolate

    Posted by Susan on Dec 04 2019

    So delicious, dark and intense without being bitter.

  2. Great allulose product

    Posted by Joel DiGloria on Aug 15 2019

    It's nice to find somewhere that uses allulose. When you're doing Keto, and other sweeteners are either fake and terrible, or even natural but with adverse side affects, it's nice to have an option to satisfy the sweet tooth.

Previous | Showing reviews 11-12 of 12