Lang's Gourmet and Fine Handmade Custom Halal & Kosher ChocolateLang's Chocolates of Williamsport, PA - From the Heart of Pennsylvania
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Halal Certified Lang’s Chocolates
When Purity and Wholesome Ingredients Matter–Choose Lang’s Chocolates.

Pure and wholesome ingredients go into making these premium chocolate confections. Muslims needn’t compromise on taste or religious values when it comes to chocolate from Lang’s. Our products are handmade in the heart of Pennsylvania from fresh, halal ingredients and shipped with care directly to your door.

Halal Statement
Lang’s Halal Chocolates are perfect for your next dinner party or celebration. Order a few boxes of Lang’s Halal Certified Chocolates to have on hand the next time you visit a Muslim home–give halal chocolates as the ultimate in high quality and good taste.

Our halal certified products are self certified. All products, which have been halal certified, will indicate so in the product description. If a product does not say it is halal then it is not, but are still certified as Kosher-Dairy.

Alcohol is not used as a processing aid.

Chocolate liquor is defined as the liquid or paste that is produced when cocoa beans are roasted and ground the basic for all chocolates. It contains no alcohol and is halal.

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